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We all know we should read the fine print when making a large purchase, signing a legal document or paying for a luxury vacation, but how often do we really do it?

We make assumptions based on fancy brochures, trust our “at a glance” look overs and accept the terms without hesitation. Presuming it’ll all go as planned, until it doesn’t. The reality is, retiring comes with its own fine print. While there are ample warnings about the dangers of running out of money, there is very little on the non-financial aspects of life that can seriously impact our experience, including purpose, identity, relationships, health and more.

Which begs the question, how can current and future retirees avoid learning things the hard way? This is exactly why we brought together a group of industry leaders to explore the potential pitfalls and to dig deep and further than many of the mainstream books on retirement.

Get ready for a dynamic collection of time-tested wisdom and fresh ideas that:

  • Expands traditional planning to include more personal aspects
  • Modernizes people’s mindset, perspective, and attitude about life after work
  • Showcases new insights, research, and concrete direction for this next phase of life
  • Addresses key issues like aging, life-balance, encore business, workplace identity, and more
  • Validates how many people are thinking about the new era of retirement while fostering new confidence and clarity.

The Fine Print of Retirement is a must-read Treasure trove of wisdom, resources and encouragement from pioneers in the field. Join the growing movement of people and professionals who understand that retirement is about much more than money. Benefit from the strategies to avoid the many common traps that people may experience when they don’t read the fine print.