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What if you were told that your biggest retirement threat is not inflation, health care costs, or running out of money? I know the dollars and cents are what everyone is talking about! Things like, how much you need to save, how long your money will last, and whether or not you have the right asset allocation. While those things are important, what no one is telling you about retirement is that each one of those planning factors pale in comparison to running out of family, friends, and good health.

It’s time to re-envision retirement in terms of you and your overall wellness. I’m talking about preparing your body, mind, and spirit for everyday life in retirement. If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to transition seamlessly into this next phase of life, while others end up lost or isolated… it’s hardly ever a matter of not having enough saved. It’s time to get Naked and discover the best of what’s next! The Naked Retirement book:

  • Reunites you with your life’s passions, goals, and dreams
  • Provides hope and direction for any situation and season of retirement
  • Strengthens relationships and prepares your body, mind, and spirit for a successful transition
  • Puts you in an exclusive group of people who recognize retirement’s true purpose and opportunities
  • Affords you more things than money could ever buy
  • Removes the burden, worry and stress related to money and retirement
  • Answers the tough retirement questions that many people just don’t know who to ask
  • Feels healthy and refreshing because you’re taking time out for yourself
  • Saves you years of heartache and pain… and from figuring out retirement the hard way

Naked retirement can make a major difference in your life the same way it did for Linda who grew closer to her retiring husband than ever before… for Jim who got back into the gym to lose 25lbs so he could enjoy his grand kids like never before… Holly to stop worrying about how much everything costs and start living for today… Larry to laugh at his old self and turn his desire to teach others into a business… and Barb the chance to be herself and stop trying to please others.