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Financial Karma takes the road less traveled by eliminating traditional budgeting hang-ups. Instead of asking you to track every purchase you make or estimate how much you spend on all your expenses, this innovative book helps you to look at why you spend instead of how much you spend. By doing so, it you address the root cause of money issues instead of focusing solely on the symptoms.

  • Get out of your paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle
  • Go from spending more to savings mode
  • Reduce Financial Stress
  • Sort out difficult financial decisions
  • Get you and your significant other on the same financial page
  • Get you on track to achieving the financial life you deserve

The book will give your financial life new meaning by helping you become more conscious and aware of what you’re doing with your money and the impact it is having on your life.

It offers specific exercises and techniques you can use to make long-term financial changes.

Read it in a day – use it for a lifetime.