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The Crossroads of Retirement by Robert Laura is a high stakes drama series that follows an uncanny retirement planner who uses his background as a psychologist to help clients navigate the aspects of retirement that few people ever talk about, let alone plan for.

Throw out all the fancy brochures and Pollyanna talk about life after work because this emotionally rich, unexpected journey taps into the true reality of retirement. Read it and you will understand why traditional retirement planning is fatally flawed and needs to make a dramatic shift to include planning for the non-financial aspects. It’s a changing of the guard where the fear of running out of money pales in comparison to running out of family, friends, good health, and time.

It’s a fictional portrayal of many real life events that will leave you feeling captivated by the chaos that can accompany one of the most sought after but least understood phases of life. Buckle up and prepare to be thrust into the deep thoughts and feelings of those who have learned the hard way that a successful retirement isn’t one without problems, but rather one in which you learn to overcome them. Let it evoke new thoughts and emotions, as well as provide you with an outlet to challenge what you have been told about retirement.