"Buckle Up! Everything you think & know about retirement is about to change in dramatic fashion. Forbes.com's Retirement Activist enlightens and empowers with a no-regrets retirement approach"

Naked Retirement

Robert Laura is changing the way people think about and plan for retirement with his Naked Retirement program. It's a fun, engaging presentation that goes beyond the dollars and cents of traditional planning to help people plan for everyday life in retirement. Attendees learn how to replace their work identity, fill their time, avoid the dark side of retirement and build a retirement curious list. Audience exercises, worksheets, and personal stories from his work with mainstream retirees as well as celebrities provides perspective and depth to one of life's most important transitions.

Emotional Alpha: Soft Skills Training For Financial Advisors

How to successful discuss, inform, and manage retirement conversations that go beyond the dollars and cents. Whether it's divorce, saying no to adult children, aging, loss of identity, weight gain, spiritual well-being, or many other taboo topics, advisors are faced with a growing number of non-financial questions and challenges with clients. This training teaches them how to create positive outcomes when sensitive topics come up

50 + Entrepreneurship: Guide For Baby Boomers Starting A Retirement Businesses

Research suggests that more and more baby boomers are leaving corporate American to start a business or turn a passion or hobby into extra money for retirement. Yet many of the online tools and books only scratch the surface as to what it will take to make a successful transition to self-employment. This class will address:

  • Honest questions and conversations before you start a business
  • Realistic analysis of your ability to make money
  • Steps to figure out your rat race number
  • Business funding options including 401(k)s and self-directed IRA's
  • Strategies to promote and market your business

Do-It-Yourself Retirement Planning

Learn how to select and monitor a variety of investments including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities. FREE retirement planning resources to help you answer questions like how much do I need to have saved to retire, how much can I withdrawal each year, and should I pay off my house to name a few. Discover what to look for in a financial advisor and how to establish investment goals as well as guidelines for when to get into the market and when to take profits.

Do-It-Yourself Dividend investing

We'll explore the Five Secrets to selecting and monitoring dividend paying companies, key factors to watch, and how to avoid high-yield traps. Discover how dividend stocks can signal market ups and downs as well as how to create a monthly dividend paycheck when you retire. Do-it-yourself style class for people who are interested in learning how to find and use dividend paying stocks for retirement income.

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